Friday, December 30, 2005

Scratchy Scratchy

Lucas has decided to scratch and scratch everything. I'm not sure if he likes the way it sounds or it's another new skill he is learning but it seems to be a new pastime. Struggled with sleep alot. Last night was the first night that feeding him didn't put him to sleep. I was up with him for another hour to try and get him back to sleep. He has gone back to waking up once a night, although morning wake up time has been 6:30 in the morning. Hopefully it will extend a little.

He is laughing a lot more. It is the best sound in the whole wide world. I think I'm happier about the laughing then smiling becuase it took alot longer to come. He is ticklish and so that usually works to get him going. He also like doing "boo" while doing the laundry.

We've also started giving him a little bit of ceral. So far he seems to be taking it okay. The first couple of times we have just given him a teaspoon or so just to be sure he doesn't have an allergic reaction. I think we'll just increase it as time goes on. Slowly so that it doesn't constipate him.

Well it's almost a New Year, tommorrow I'll be sure to reflect on everything that's happened in this past year.

Well more tommorrow. But it has been an amazing year.


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