Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Stanley Cup Playoffs

I'm a Calgary Flames fan. The Flames didn't even make the playoffs this year, so I haven't really been watching the playoffs, but I have been watching the Stanley Cup Final. I forgot how nerve wracking the playoffs are. I'm watching it right now and have said my god a whole bunch of times. I don't even have anything invested. I do hope Chicago wins, but man it is nerve wracking.

Oh good, Chicago won! That was a weird goal, no one knew it!

Life here is getting back to normal for a couple of weeks, before summer comes and then everything will get all mixed up again. Things here are going well. We are getting use to Darryl and his commute to work, I am back to working 3-4 days a week, rather then 6-7 shifts a week. I'm so happy to be around my boys again. I had a big project at work that is done and summer in on it's way. So things are looking up over here.

How is June looking for you?


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