Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Last year we had a robin come and build many nests under our deck. It chose the best one and made it the home for it's babies. This year we have had the same bird back and she made a nest in the exact same place. Her babies have hatched and she is keeping a close eye on them. Which means close encounters with us and the birds. One time the bird even pecked Torin right on the but and pulled out a tuft of his hair. The bird carried it around in his mouth life a trophy. The bird swoops at Torin and Torin swats at the bird. The bird swoops at Darryl and Darryl swats at the bird. Luckily the baby bird is growing and hopefully the war in the backyard will be over

Till Tomorrow


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Goofball said...

oh wow, looking at your picture I just learned that there's such a thing as a "European robin" and an "American robin" . The American on your picture has a way bigger red belly then the ones I'm used to seeing and it's much bigger and not so fluffy soft looking. the European one stays around in fact I am mostly used to seeing it during winter.

Nests in the garden can be fun, but we currently have a pigeon nested above our garden table and we're not that excited about that.