Wednesday, June 02, 2010

My Awesome Kid (aka Lucas's Monthly Newsletter)

It's been ages since I've written some monthly newsletter, but I have been spending more time with the kids and feeling lots of love for them lately, so here is a post about Lucas.

I've been feeling episodes of of that kind of crazy pride, where your heart feels like it's going burst you are so happy. I think one trait of Lucas's I have been loving lately is that he is a great students. Teachers, coach's and other parents love working with Lucas. He is good listener and does what is asked of him. He is excelling at most everything he tries. He is doing really well at socceer. The first time he didn't want to take the ball from the other team, but us and the coach talked to him and worked with him and now he is great at it. He is one of the best kids on his team. He listens and feeds off our encouragement and continues to get better and better.

He is also doing really well in school. His writing is getting better. His teacher says she's one of her favorites. Again I think because he is such a good student.

He loves to sing. He loves the songs from Glee, especially the fast ones. His favorite has been Ice, Ice Baby. The other day he asked me not to sing it so he could listen to all the words. I see so much of his personality from Darryl it's nice to see some of me in him.

Speaking of Darryl, Lucas and Darryl are going to be the best of buds as Lucas continues to grow up. Lucas loves to play video games and lego and all the things that Darryl loves to do. They love to read the same kind of books and dig in the dirt.

I feel so lucky to have such an awesome kid.

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Susan said...

I agree he is a great kid. I love him so much. I enjoy spending time with him whenever I can get it. You and Darryl have a grat job parenting him.

Anonymous said...

I second Susan's comments. Love from Grammy