Tuesday, June 22, 2010

From Dirt To Dinner: Berries, Or Lack There Of

When Beth over at Total Mom Haircut announced that she was doing a project to promote eating local food I was all over it. I LOVE to garden and every year a our vegetable garden is full of vegetables. Usually we have enough we are giving it away. Our only issue with particpating in the project is that things do not come into season here until later then our neighboors in the south. Here are pictures of my current blueberry, strawberry and raspberry bushes.

I was glad this year we moved the strawberry bush to a place it could grow and stay, so we won't get a ton of berries this year, but in the years to come there will be more and more.

Our raspberry bush usually does pretty well. There are never enough raspberries for me as they are my favorite.

This is the first year for the blueberry bush. We will see what happens. I don't really think you can grow blueberries in Alberta, but I'm up to try anything.

As for the recipie and using local foods, it didn't really happen this time. Our favorite thing to do with berries, is just eat them. But here is my favorite blueberry muffin recipie. As you can see from this previous post, if you use frozen blueberries they come out purple, but they are still delicious. Most of the ingredients come from Toronto or the United States (california). Which is not local. But better then Chile.....

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Goofball said...

we have 1 strawberry almost ripe at the moment :p. last year we harvested the grand total of 10 strawberries

I guess we'll never have a true fruit/vegetable garden either