Tuesday, June 08, 2010


It's the time of year for one of my favorite hobbies: gardening. This year in Calgary has been very very wet and not very sunny. All of our grass is green, which is good for dry cow town, but my plants all seem smaller and less flowering because of the lack of sunshine.

I love all kinds gardening: my two favorite things to work with in the garden are perennials and vegetables. I love to eat the food that I grow, even though last year we grew too many zucchini's we still ate most of them. This year we are growing: potatoes, carrots, beans, lettuce, tomatoes, zucchini, green onions. We also have a raspberry bush, blueberry bush and strawberries growing in the gardens as well. I'm not sure that we will get any blueberries but we'll see what happens.

Here are the vegetable gardens, each year we hope to put in more (and there is one at the side of the house, with a strawberry patch as well.

I also really like perennials, they come back every year, you can buy them really small and they get bigger and bigger. You can divide them and share them.

Here is a picture of our front garden, again mostly perennials. We have no lawn out front, becuase it is so small we decided just to do flowers. I have lots that are ground cover out front: sedum, clover, woolly thyme, phlox, creeping Jenny

This is our side garden, it also is a perennial garden. We have some vines: virgina creeper, 3 swedish columnar trees, a raspberry bush and lots of other perennials.

These are the two side gardens, mostly shade, so hostas, coral bells, ferns and ligulaira grow here.

This is a picture of the ligulaira, which is doing really really well. It's a plant that I took a piece of from Tammy's garden. Last year I wasn't sure how it would do, but it is one plant that has been loving the lack of sunshine.

On the other side there is a little more sun, so we have some lilac bushes, blueberries, peony and a dahila.

I'm hoping to have more sun this weekend, so the garden will continue to grow.

Till Tomorrow



Deena Marie Fusco said...

Jenn, I just LOVE gardening myself, tinkering in my yard, watering, whatever it is I love it, i'm actually just about to Blog about gardening myself! Your yard looks beautiful!

Goofball said...

I really wish I had a bigger garden as I'd love to grow some vegetabes myself. How cool. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Great looking garden Jenn. It looks to be flourishing even without too much sun. Good for you. The front garden has sure changed since I was there last. It looks great. Mom F.