Saturday, July 11, 2009

1000th Post

Sorry posts have been few and far between, we been busy, but it a good and great way. Hopefully I'll update you about all our adventure over the past couple of weeks in the next posts. Here is some highlights from the Stampede.

I love Calgary and I love the Stampede. Some people run from it but I try to embrace it. We go to Stampede Breakfasts and go down to the grounds. Here are some of our picture highlights.

Lucas as a tractor driver

Lucas in the argicultural building.

Nathan loved all the animals.

Remember this picture, here is the updated one.

And here's one with Nathan

Here's the whole gang waiting for the pig races (not that good)

Here are the pig races, although I love the 3 cowboy hats in this picture the most.

Me and my little cowpoke

Of course we had some of these DELICIOUS mini donuts.

And when it was all done we were exhausted.

Till tomorrow



Susan said...

Great pics, I loved the last one, reminds me of when you and Alexis would fall asleep after our adventures when you guys were that age. Sweet memories

Allie said...

Sigh .... I miss the Stampede! I too loved everything about it and had so much fun embracing it with the kids.

Great pictures! Even the pig races looked fun ......

Goofball said...

I must get Jan over to Canada one day when the Stampede is going on. and I'll take him to the chuckwagon races, I loved those

glad to read that you are having such a good time. The pictures are great and very cheerful! Enjoy