Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Nathan's Monthly Newsletter: Month Fifteen

Dear Nathan,

Today you turned 15 months old and it has been a big day today. I finally feel like you are walking. You've been doing it for a couple of weeks now, but you would default to crawling most of the time. You were just kind of practicing until today. Today you did more walking then crawling. You are moving from a baby to a toddler. You are toddling around.

You also seem to understand a ton more. I love that you nod your head now when I ask you a question and you do want it. For example you'll be sitting in your high chair and I'll ask if you want blueberries and you'll nod your head. You still point and "uh, uh" at it. I'll ask if you want and you'll nod your head. It's great as your communication seems to grow. I also know that if you come up to me and say bap, that means up. Or if you pant, you just saw a dog. But your favorite and first word is still ball. You LOVE balls.

Sleep has been going fairly well. You go to sleep well for naps and at bed time. But you have become an early riser and it's killing me. I'm still staying up late but you keep getting up at 5:30 in the morning. Then your nap time is early, or you fall asleep in the car, today you fell asleep on my shoulder while I was making our lunch. I am really looking forward to the early rising stage to be over.

We have lots of company around and I have lots of time off, so you have become quite crazy about me. Most of the time I love it and reslish it, but there are times when it drives me crazy. Especially when you get tired. You have been great though with carting you around to all the different activites. Stampede breakfasts, Calway, the Stampede. As long as I am carrying you around you are a happy camper. I really do love you too.

love mommy

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