Friday, July 03, 2009


Well summertime has started here in the nutshell. Although not as exciting as Allie's adventure's (at least not yet). Haven't blogged in a while (I know I'm usually pretty consistent with every night) but it's been a weirdish kind of week. ) Things around here are going well.

Lucas is kind of going through a weird stage of testing limits/not listening. We'll tell him not to do something, so he'll modify one bit of it and then do it anyway. Like he had a pen and was going to write on his bookcase. I told him not to write on furniture. 2 minutes later I look over and he's writing on his bed...... grrr..... I scold him and he apologizes. I'm hoping it's just a stage and he'll get over it.

Nathan is getting better at walking, communicating and understanding. It's great to watch him grow.

Garden is growing well. Did my big Zellers purchase yesterday. July 1st, they mark all there perennials down to 2$.

Went to a great Stampede party last night. I love Stampede. I love the smells and the city spirit. I'm looking forward to going a couple of times this year. So more pictures to follow.

Today we are preparing for our neice to come. The boys will be sleeping in the same room. But I need to clean clean clean today.

Till Tomorrow



Angella said...

True confession: I have never been to Stampede.


Goofball said...

oh is the Stampede going on already? I thought that was later on in July. Have fun!!!!!!