Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lucas's Monthly Newsletter: Month Forty Seven

Dear Lucas,

This month you continue to grow up and become a boy a kid and not a toddler or a neive child any more. We play with guns and get the bad guys. We use "light savers" and we are super heros, like lava man and cat woman. You know all about different kind of guns too, machine guns and swords. You also like to be loud, as demonstrated by this video, taken by Mackenzie.

Your favorite word is awesome. When you get really excited about something you say it's awesome. "Mom you've got see this it's awesome". You do say lots of funny things too. We were driving to Drumheller the other day and there were huge fields of canola, you exlaimed "Look at all those dandelions". All of in the car were in hysterics over it. One of the other things you say that is so funny and I have yet to correct you on in automatic toliets or facuets. You always call them pneumatic.

Sleep has been a little bit weird for you this month. You are falling asleep in our beds as you seem to be up later then Nathan and the two of you are sharing a room. So you like to fall asleep in our bed or the hall or downstairs. It is taking you much longer to fall asleep too.

You are loving the water lately too. In the last couple of summers you didn't like the cold water, but this year you are loving it. You don't mind getting splashed and will even laugh if it's in your face. I'm so looking forward to Kelowna this year as the last couple of years it has taken lots of convincing to get you in the water. But this year you love slip in slide, or waterslides, or just playing in the pool.

Summers are busy and weird and fun. We do all kinds of stuff, as I don't work very much in the summer. So we've gone to Stampede, the Zoo, Calway Park, Drumheller, Millarville and you have been quite good at all of these places. Sometimes you get hot or tired or hungry or scared. But we seem to be able to figure out what is wrong and try to correct it. Sometimes, like at Calway, it takes you a while to warm up to the experience, but then are more willing to try new things as time goes on. As you age you are getting more brave, we went to IKEA and for the first time you wanted to go play in their playplace by yourself.

We were also busy with Lori, Ian and Mackenzie visits this month. Lori and Ian brought you an amazing present, 2 suitcases of Lego, 67 pounds of it. You loved have the extra attention around. Mackenzie was awesome with you and you guys played together a ton. You also loved having Lori and Ian around and played lots of lego with them.

another fun one little dude, but stop growing up so fast. =)

love mommy

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Goofball said...

hihi that picture in the kangaroo :)

My nephew and niece have the same age as Lucas and they both go through a phase where going to bed and falling asleep seems a real problem.