Sunday, July 19, 2009

Where Am I?

Sorry everyone for the lack of posts. Summer seems to be a busier time, I'm been doing lots of triathalon training and we have company so the blog seems to have taken a bit of a back seat. But I'll give you a quick update here.

First off Nathan is a real toddler now. He walks almost everywhere, and although he still loves to be with his mommy, he does love to walk around (looking like a drunken sailor) as well. Also I can tell he has a big brother and hangs out with the big boys, as yesterday he grab a "guy" from the sandbox and started to say "hi-ya" while holding him. Of course it was in his sweet sing song voice, but he is still very boyish.

We had an awesome weekend. On Saturday we did things here in Calgary that I haven't done in a long time. Some things are not conducive to doing with children, or doing when you are anal about your kids schedule. On Saturday we went to Millarville Market. The fresh and delicious food you get there is amazing. Then that evening my mom and dad babysat the boys (thanks again Mom and Dad) and we went to dinner at the Olive Garden and to the Loose Moose theatere. The Loose Moose is improv theatre and it is hilarious. We were a little sceptical, as when we first showed up there was only 30ish people there. When Darryl and I use to go there was about 150 people filled the theatre. But no it was so funny, even when just 30 people show up.

Yesterday we went to my favortie Calgary destination, the zoo. I think Lori and Ian have been suitably impressed with all things Alberta.

Till Tomorrow


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