Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Differences in the First and Second Child

As Nathan continues to grow I find there are so many things that are different about him compared with Lucas. I am a much more relaxed parent when it comes to Nathan. I was much more by the book when it came to Lucas, where I enjoy moments more with Nathan. But there are certain things that I have to deal with when it comes to Nathan, because he is different, but also becuase he is the second child.

One of those things is biting. Lucas may have tired biting us once or twice. But once he was scolded he didn't do it again. Nathan has been doing it more frequently. Part of it is that he can't really communicate yet so when he gets angry he may bite to show his frustration. It also seems to happen more when he is teething. So I'm sure that is part of it too. But it is definitely a new challenge I haven't had to deal with before. Does anyone have any methods that worked for you to get your toddler to stop biting?

The other funny thing that shows Nathan is a second child is his second "official" word is Hi-ya. When he throws things he says "hi-ya".

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I don't have any advice to share, I'm afraid.