Monday, July 06, 2009

Calaway Park and other Wonderfullness...

On Saturday we picked Darryl niece up from the airport. Lucas has been looking forward to this for a while. Every day for the last week he's been asking is today the day we go pick up Mackenzie. Well Sautrday it finally arrived, I think he a little surprised at the black hair and the black clothes (she is 14 after all). But after spending an hour with her, he is completely anamoured. They have made shrinky dinks, built a fort, taken millions of pictures of each other.
I am loving it as well, becuase she is great and fun and teaching me new teenage words like "fail". Which I know is not a new word, but I've never used it in the context of doing something bad. For example I forgot to put the lid on the sandbox 'fail"!. I overcooked the eggs - "fail". The boys are loving spending time with her and she seems to enjoy playing with them as well. Becuase of that my house is a little cleaner and mommy and daddy both get a little more me time. She is also someone fun for me to do things with. Last night we went to go and see My Sisters Keeper, which is a good movie, but maybe the saddest movie I have ever seen.

On Sunday we headed off to Calaway Park.
We've never been there before as Lucas has been a little young for it. Even this time it took him a while to warm up, but eventually he got into it and really enjoyed himself. Here are some picture highlights:

Hope you all had some wonderfullness this weekend.



Lori said...

Oh, that looks like fun! I can HARDLY WAIT until Ian and I can come and play, too! I keep chanting to myself...only 4 more sleeps, only 4 more sleeps! This is more exciting than Christmas!!!!!!


Goofball said...

good fun

"fail"...I'll have to remember it. Maybe i can use it in conf calls with my British supplier :p.

Allie said...

Can you just ship your niece over here to teach me too? LOVE IT! I just get such a kick out of the lingo that kids use these days!

Glad to hear that you enjoyed the movie. The book was fabulous and I was some what reserved in wanting to see the movie with Cameron Diaz casted as the Mom. She just doesn't seem right for the role ....

Sounds like you had a fabulous time!!