Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It's Over Already!!

Well after months and months of looking forward to Lori and Ian's visit it is over already. It makes me sad, because although they are family I inherited when I married Darryl. I do really like them. I really really do. As I'm sure most of you do as well, Lori often comments here and is witty and wise. For a while I kept soliciting her to start her own blog becuase of the intelligent things she had to say. Now Lori has been out once before when Lucas was a baby, but this was their first family vacation out here. I think it lived up to their expectations. We enjoyed chatting with them and playing cards in the evenings. Ian even put up with our singing camp songs in the car on the way home from Drumheller. We enjoyed laughing our heads off at the Loose Moose and watching the kids entertain us other nights. We talked about cities and jobs, news and parenting. We saw animals at the zoo and dinosaurs at the mueseum. We went to Heritgage Park, which Lori and Ian loved (Lucas, Kenzie and I spent more time enjoying rides and milkshakes).

It was really fun to have them here and I can't believe it's over already! Luckily Kenzie is still here, we won't be in total withdrawl.

Till Tomorrow


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