Thursday, July 30, 2009

Water Babies

Last summer was bitter sweet for me. I love summers but Nathan was young and Lucas wasn't independant at all. I even wrote about it last year at being frustrated but trying to enjoy every moment.

This year has been quite fun. The kids are still young, but that much older then last year. Plus Mackenzie is here, so I've been able to balance them a little better with her help. Yesterday we went to a lake (which was gross and had leeches) and camped with some friends. We had a really great time. I held Nathan and had water fights with Lucas. Then after Nathan sat on my lap and was memorized by the fire, while Lucas played with his best friends. Today we went to the pool and had a blast. Again having Mackenzie and Auntie Karen there was great because Lucas is doing so well with the water this year. He doesn't mind going underwater or getting his head wet. So I held Nathan and Auntie Karen helped Lucas with his swimming. Nathan decided he wanted to go down the waterslide (by continuously pointing at it.), so Mackenzie put him on 2/3rds of the way down and I caught him. Then Lucas decided he wanted to go down as well.

It's amazing what a year a difference makes.



Jenna said...

Oh, I totally agree that a year makes a big difference. I look back at a year ago and then a year before that and am amazed at how everything changes so much. The differences are seems to get more fun each year!

Mike said...

Yes, it is. This year, my kids—6 and 4 years old—started calling me "Dude."


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