Sunday, August 01, 2010

Emma and Carpal Hyperextension.

On Thursday I left Emma for a short while to try and get her use to being alone. I took the kids to the day home, stopped at another store and then came home. When I got home one of our neighbors were waiting outside and Emma was limping. They asked if Emma had been limping before today. And no she hadn't been. So I did a little investigating and saw that the screen in Nathan's window was ripped. Nathan room is on the second floor, so we are thinking that she came looking for us and jumped out the window. In that jump she must have hurt her leg/paw. So next stop was the vet. They examined her and determined it was her wrist that was the most painful. Then they x-rayed it. But found no fracture in her bones. They sent her home with some painkillers and told us to ice it. For the rest of the day she wouldn't weight bear on it at all.

The next morning, although we were hoping it would be better. It wasn't. The doctor called back after discussing Emma's symptoms with a surgeon, determined that the most likely diagnosis is carpal hyperextension. What that means is that Emma has torn all of the ligaments in her wrist. They way they fix this with surgery. For the moment we are putting her in a splint, to see if that helps. Which I hope to god it will as surgery is expensive. With the splint she has been able to walk on four legs again, which she is happy about. And I am not carrying her up and down the stairs, which I'm happy about.

For the moment she is starting to act more and more like herself. Goes to the door when someone comes, this morning she wanted to go for my run with me, so those are good signs. But that won't heal the ligaments. We are going to see what happens after a couple of weeks with her wrist, but have also read there can be some success with wearing a splint/brace for longer then the 2 weeks, so we may try that and see if it works. In the mean time here is a cute picture of her and her leg.

Keep your fingers crossed for us, that the splint will help.

Till Tomorrow



Deena Marie Fusco said...

awwww...poor Emma, but I LOVE the pink cast!! Its hard when an animal can't tell you what happened or what is hurting...

Goofball said...

Poor Emma, I hope she doesn't need surgery. And I hope she will start feeling more at ease when she's alone at home

Lori said...

Oh, my goodness. Ever since you told me what happened to Emma I think about her absolutely every day. She is the smartest and most devoted dog I've ever met but boy, does she ever get herself into trouble!!!

Keep us posted 'cuz I can't stop thinkin' about her.