Tuesday, August 31, 2010


10 Great things about my husband who birthday it is this week

1. He's smart, usually smart over all of our heads.
2. He is great at most all sports, I bought him a baseball glove for his birthday and him and Lucas are enjoying playing catch outside
3. He looks very handsome in his work clothes. He's always been handsome, but now that he wears dress shirts and pants to work, I get to see it every day
5. He loves most food and he's willing to try most anything. If we are ever somewhere and I get food I don't know if I like he is willing to try it first and let me know.
6. He is great with a computer. I have all the technical support I need.
7. He is great with my family, and they love him just as much. We travel with them, spend lots of time with them, and he never complains. When I work in the evenings, he takes the boys to mom's house and has dinner with them.
8. He's so punny. No that's not a typo. He makes puns all the time. Sometimes I groan, but I'm always smiling inside.
9. He steps up. As I only work part time I do more of the domestic duties: cooking, cleaning and parenting. But if I'm feeling overwhelmed or that he isn't pulling his weight, I let him know and he steps up.
10. The most important, he is a great father. Not just a great father, but a super amazing fun father.

Happy Birthday Good Looking =)



Lori said...


I'm biased because he's my little brother...but I think he's pretty fantastic, too!

I only wish my tech support lived closer to my home! :D

Goofball said...

you've found Mr Perfect! Damn you were first ;)

Susan said...

I agree with all your comments. He is a great guy and we love him

Anonymous said...

Count me biased too, and he makes a great 60th birthday present too.
Love MOM