Monday, August 09, 2010

Emma and Carpal Hyperextension Part 2

We met with the veterinarian again today for a progress report on Emma. Her splint actually broke at some point on our trip so we took it off her yesterday afternoon. She had been putting a little bit of weight on it but spent a lot of time walking on three legs. It was better then it was a week ago, but still not healed all the way. Plus when she walks on it you can see her wrist bend all the way down. So it looks like she does have the carpal hyper extension.

So the question is what to do next. The only option is really surgery. So the Dr. told me more about the surgery. The surgery does not fix the problem. Emma will always walk this way no matter what. The surgery will help to prevent arthritis occuring as quickly but it won't stop the arthritis nor will it make her walk better again. The other part of the surgery is that we can have it done at any time. It's not something that needs to be done right away.

I did do some research on the internet and there are a couple of companies that sell splints that are more flexible then what she has been wearing. They are splints we can take on and off. We can use it when she walks but take it off at night.

So I think the plan for now is to have Emma wear the splint and see how it goes. Part of me is sad that Emma won't ever be a crazy running dog like she was. Another part of me is glad to have all the information about the 3000$ surgery so I don't feel like putting my happiness above Emma's or vice versa. Anyway so that is the story... for now....

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Goofball said...

will she limp then forever?

Daniel Llenas said...

I was looking online for anybody else that had this problem. I found your blog, and although it is a bit old, I would appreciate your advice and what you did for her down the line. I have an 8 year old black lab who we adore, and she is our baby. She has carpal hyperextension and has not taken to her brace, rigid or soft. We have been informed of the surgery, but she is completely non weight bearing on it, so the worry is that she won't use the leg even after the surgery. So essentially I don't want to do it, cause her additional pain and suffering, only for her to not use it anyway. But then there is the worry that her other wrist will break down, and then what. Just a very concerned dad, and I don't want to think of the day that her other paw could break down, and then decisions will have to be made, if she has trouble walking at all. Since it's been a few years since you've written on this blog I hope this gets to you. I hope your pup is doing ok, and any advice you have would be greatly appreciated. Thank You!
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Daniel Llenas