Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Monthly Newsletter: Lucas is 5

Dear Lucas,

Today you turned 5 years old and that seems unreal to me. When I think about the number it makes me feel sad and kind of old. My oldest child is already 5. Where has the time gone and how can I make it stand still. But when I think about you and the person you are, 5 is great and awesome and makes me feel proud. I love to be around you and I love the person you have become. I am so proud to send you out into the world, as I know you will be good and kind.

So lets summarize some things over the last couple of months, and talk a bit about this things I think are the most awesome about you. Summer has been fun. You have been working hard on your swimming and your reading. Swimming we have been doing lots of it in the lake in Kelowna. And in Oma and Opa's hot tub. It's amazing how a year has changed your ablilites. You are also working with Daddy in learning how to read. You are great at sounding out all of the letters in a word and trying to put all of those sounds into a word. You are a smart cookies and I love it when your vocabulary comes out. A couple of months ago you were describing a song and said you liked it because it sounded so peaceful.

You are such a nice kid. You worry if I get mad at you, you want to do things right. When I get upset you always ask if it is with you and if it is you try and rectify it. When you finished school this year, your teacher wrote you this very nice letter about what a good kid you are. You care about people and your friends and your family. The other day the salmon was all gone at dinner and Nathan started crying, your Dad and I didn't have any left, and you did. And although you love salmon, you gave it to him because he wanted it so much. You are also good at helping around the house. It is a normal occurrence for you to clear your plate without me having to ask. And you don't cause a stink when I ask you to clean your room or help to clean up the playroom, or another mess you've helped to create.

You are certainly growing in your interests. Gone are the days of trucks and Diego and Cars. And in are the days of Spiderman and Star Wars. You love to play video games and eat oatmeal. You can be picky about food, although will often try things at someone else's home and then report to me after that "oh now I like red grapes". You like pasta and meat and cheese and mashed potatoes.

You love your Grandma and Pop, all of your 3 super fun Aunts and Grammie. You love playing with your brother and share alot of similar interests with Darryl. It's amazing to watch you and Darryl together. You can see there are different times when you both look at each other with "ahhh". Like I can't believe Daddy can do that, or if Daddy is looking at you thinking " I can't believe Lucas can do that".

You continue to love music, if we don't have it playing you will often request it. And you have great taste in music. You love Queen and Prince and Glee and the Weakerthans. You will sing along with Lady Gaga and the Beatles.

Lucas you are such an amazing kid. I don't know how I got so lucky. Lucas I didn't know it was possible to love another person so much until you came into my life. And the more you grow and the more I get to know you as a person the more I love you and the bigger my heart gets.

love mommy


Anonymous said...

What a glowing tribute to a son. I second that, and I mostly know him from video conferencing. Thank heavens for technology.
Happy Birthday Lucas again.
Love from Grammie

Goofball said...

5 is a fun age, you can do so much more interaction with them at that age already

wow what a good wel-behaved kid. If you ever need a babysitter, feel free to drop him off in Leuven ;). Good taste in music as well, my nephew of the same age is still much more stuck in child music.

Lori said...

Such a great kid...I'm so proud to have him as my nephew!

Great pictures, too (by the way!). You feed me an endless supply of "wallpaper" for my computer desktop!