Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Monthly Newsletter: Nathan (22 months) Lucas (54 months)

Hi Boys,

I totally missed Nathan's monthly newsletter as I was too busy bragging about the great time we had in Mexico, so I thought I would combine both of you into the same newsletter. This month has had some big up and downs for both of you. Both of you were INCREDIBLE in Mexico. We took you on a plane ride that kept you way up past your bedtimes where the four of us had to fit in 3 seats and you both were so so well behaved. I was proud to be your mom.

Then once we got to Mexico you both had a really good time. You loved swimming, playing in the sand, looking for fish, finding all sorts of other animals, eating, drinking, swimming, playing, hitting pinata's, dancing on stage, freeze dancing, and sleeping. It was really a vacation where Daddy and I got to connect with both of you. It was great fun to play with you, where there were no outside distractions.

You guys are continuing your friendship. It's amazing all the things I'm okay with Nathan "playing" because he is just mimicking Lucas. You guys get bad guys and shoot them. You throw balls around the house and generally have a good time together.

Nathan you are communicating more. It's not with a ton of words, but with more words and gestures. You are also playing more by yourself lately. It's great that your imagination is developing. You love to play with the farm that we have and with the food you got for Christmas. You will "help" me clean and love to spread out a blanket (or napkin) out on the floor.

Lucas you are growing up so so quickly. The other day I brought you home a pair of 10 shoes. Both you and Daddy thought they would be too big and although they are a little big for you, your 9 shoes don't fit you any more. You became a good swimmer while we were in Mexico. You and I had so much fun in the pool. I really love swimming and I'm happy you love it too.

On the bad side you both have been more whiny this month. Lucas you don't want to get dressed by your self and have been lethargic the last couple of weeks. I think alot of it comes from watching too much TV. It's winter and we seem to be watching more TV then normal. Nathan, we had a bump in your sleep and you have been getting up in the nights more often. You both went through a bout of sickness as well. Different sickness, Lucas was throwing up and Nathan you have had a cough and fever for the last couple of days.

While we were in Mexico, I had such a great time reconnecting with both of you. We also got lots of compliments on our parenting and what great kids you were. I am so so happy and honored to be your mom. You are great kids and mommy loves you so so much.

love mom

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Goofball said...

You seem to have such great children! It's always fun to read from a proud mommy :)