Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Never say never

I did two things in the last couple of days I swore I would never do. First I booked an appotiment for Darryl to go to the doctor. I said when I got married, that would be something my husband would have to do for himself. Nevertheless I married someone who dreads going to the doctor, so I have made him a yearly appointment, hoping that it will become a yearly thing. I've heard to stories lately about people finding out they are sick after there yearly appointment.

The other thing I did that I swore I would never do is buy skinny jeans. When they started to come back into style I thought they were horrible. But I bought pair of high boots and needed some jeans that would fit in them. I've tried them on with a couple of other things as well and think they don't look too bad. And they are really comfortable, which is always a good thing.

Till Tomorrow



Deena Marie Fusco said...

I also said I would never buy skinny jeans, but I also invested in a pair of boots and skinny jeans!

Goofball said...

Skinny jeans and boots is so fun

It was fashionable in europe in the mid 90ies as well so I was wearing them as exchange student in Canada. me= skinny jeans
rest of the school = baggy baggy low waist jeans

Oh yes I stood out big time!