Monday, February 15, 2010

Eventful Weekend

whew! what an eventful weekend. Friday I got an e-mail that the Barenaked Ladies are going on a cruise again. Which has me so excited. It's not for another year but it was such a fun time that I'm sure Tammy and I will have a great time again. It was also the Olympics opening ceremonies on Friday night and I really enjoyed that. K.d. Lang did such a great job, although Hallelujah is not really a "sport" song, but what a great singer. I also loved the poet. All in all I thought it was very well done. It made me proud to be a Canadian. My sister also arrived on Friday for a week, so it was a great night, even though I was working.

Saturday was also fun. Nathan got his hair cut and he looks like such a little boy. Both boys were really well behaved there, especially as there was another boy who was screaming his head off. Then I went and got my hair cut, which is always a nice experience. They give me a scalp massage, hand massage and straighten my hair. Then we had our best friends over for dinner and some great conversation.

Yesterday another great day, we headed out to IKEA, did some organizing, played outside, went for a walk. Then Darryl and I went out for our Valentines dinner. We went to the Keg and it was fantastic! I love steak and red wine.

So after 3 great days of the weekend, I can't really complain about the bad today we had today. One sick kid (Nathan) and the other one was un-cooperative, so all of our plans for a fun family day went out the window. I had to clingy kids and that why it's 8pm and they are both in bed.

Did you have a good family day weekend?

Till Tomorrow


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Goofball said...

yes I had a good family weekend. My parents & parents-in-law came over together for a big dinner which was really nice. We had friends over on Saturday.

I hope Nathan is better soon!