Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I wouldn't classify myself as a sporty person. I'm not competitive, I'm not very good at sports. I do like to exercise, but happy to just be doing it, don't have to be the best at it. But I LOVE the Olympics, really love it. Darryl and I were debating on driving to Vancouver and sleeping in our car just to see a glimpse of some of the events. But decided against it in the middle of Feburary. But we watch them constantly. I love that you can watch sports you don't normally see. I love the emotions and the highs and the lows with the Olympics. Actually I don't really like the lows, but love the highs. Some of my favorites were Canada's first gold medal, and the wonderful story about Alex and his brother Fredrique, who has cerebral palsy. He talked about how his brother inspired him. They told his brother he wouldn't walk over the age of 10, but still walks now in his 20s. It is such a great story.

Then there is the story of people you kind of know, Mike Robertson won the silver in snowboard cross. He is the boyfriend of a friend of a sister.

Or Clara Hughes, someone who is not only a decorated Olympian, partipates in summer and winter olympics but also donates her time and money to Right to Play.

I also really enjoyed the ice dancing competition. I don't usually watch it becuase I find it to be a little over the top and ridiculous. But I thought the Canadian dancing was so beautiful.

One of the lows of the Olympics this year is how much pressure is being put on the Olympics to win at home. Especially for the men's hockey team, when they lost to the USA the whole country was deflated. But today after the win with Russia everyone is feeling better.

The time I cried the most was a Joannie Rochette's beautiful performance brought me to tears. I can't imagine how strong and brave a person must be to perform at the Olympics after your mother dies a few days before.

Over the rest of the week and weekend I'm looking forward to the rest of curling and hockey.

Have there been any other really memorable moments for you?

Great job Canadian athletes, we are so so proud of you. You have provided us with great entertainment.

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Goofball said...

Besides the opening ceremony I've not seen anything yet. It's not much in the news here which is not surprising since we have no athletes that might win medals.

I am very well aware of all canadian results though: I just need to open FB and every high and low is there in a multitude. (even some Belgian hockey fans are cheering , so I notice!!)

Go Canada!!!!!!!!

beth - total mom haircut said...

Joannie was amazing and moving, truly. We've been watching a lot of the events, but of course my faves are the figure skating and short track (Ohno:). I didn't watch the ice dancing though...maybe I should have. But like you said, I tend to think of it as over the top, and after the regular pairs skating it's hard to not look down on it in a way, you know?

Love the Olympics.

Deena Marie Fusco said...

I cried so hard for Joannie, she was so strong out there! We also Love watching the Olympics!