Monday, February 08, 2010

Mexico: The Beach Edition

I like a beach, I'm not a crazy beach person, but I like to play in the sand. ALthough over this trip I think I became more of a pool person then a beach person. I wasn't so crazy about the sand in the bathing suits. The resort we stayed at had a man made inlet so on the windy red flag days in the ocean we could still swim on the inlet. The other cool part about the inlet was all the fish.

Darryl, Lucas and Nathan in water

A far away shot from the beach

Castles in the sand

Feet in the sand

Till Tomorrow



Lori said...


I have to ask though...did Nathan have Lucas's shorts on in the last photo? They're as long as his legs! Too cute for words.


Goofball said...

that beach looks fantastic

Jenna said...

I cannot believe how clear the water looks there! Unbelievable!