Saturday, January 24, 2009

Saturday Night

We are catching up on shows from the PVR and I thought I would blog a bit of an update as we have been so busy and there was no Friday post. Dad did have some complications with his surgery that we didn't know about right away. While doing the surgery they punctured the membrane around his brain, so they had to patch that up. To patch it up they took some fat from his belly (which was an incision in his belly) and fill the hole with that. Then they also put a shunt in his back to drain CSF fluid so that there isn't a build up on the puncture site. With having this shunt he is not able to sit up, so he has been laying on his back for 2 days. So hopefully tomorrow, they will be able to clamp in off and he can sit up.

We have headed up to the hospital everyday. It's amazing how bringing children to a hospital makes people so happy. Some people love the banter of Lucas and I in the elevator and other people love Nathan and his smiles. Although it is lots of work to drive down there and load the kids up in the cold, but the happiness it brings my dad and all kinds of other people make it totally worth it.

With all this driving around and handling children in difficult situations Darryl has been great about giving me a break from the kids. Friday night I went to Bunco with a bunch of really fun ladies. I drank, laughed and had so much fun. It was a nice break.

Till Tomorrow



Anonymous said...

praying for your dad

Goofball said...

I really hope your dad does not face any more complications and I hope he gets better soon.

I wish you all the strength and sleep in these stressfull days! Take care!

ps I tagged you