Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Nathan's Monthly Newsletter: Month Nine

Dear Nathan,

Today you turned 9 months old. I always think 9 months is an interesting birthday, becuase that's how long I was pregnant for. It seems like you have been alive way longer then what I was pregnant for.

S0 many things have progressed with you this month. You are now a crawling expert. You can crawl under things and over things. Your favorite thing is to crawl up to things and then stand up next to them. You are really an accident waiting to happen. You love to be standing.

With the crawling has also come fighting with Lucas. Anything that he is playing with you would like to play with. Anything that I am playing with you want to play with. Computers, you love, remotes you love, anything with buttons, you crawl towards. You are also able to crawl towards all kind of toys, which is causing fights between you and your brother. Because then he wants anything you play with too. I'm hoping by the next months letter things will be better.

Food is also going well. I am working on weaning you, which honestly I feel bad about. You are not ready but I am. And in less then a month I'll be going on a cruise without you, so I think we should be weaning. But Nathan I'm sorry. I do feel like this is something I'm pushing on you. Luckily you'll eat most any food I give you.

We went to Florida this month. It was interesting to see you around lots of other people. You love me, you are happiest with me, if I am around, you want to be in my arms. But you love to smile and "wave" at other people. We would ride on buses or monorails in Florida and smile at anyone who smiled at you. You are with me and feel safe, so you spread love all around. You put your hand out when you see things that interest you. You did get sick in Florida which put a damper on your visit, but I think you still enjoyed the scenery and the heat.

You are happy, you love to smile. It makes me think I may be doing something right.

love mommy


Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

neat photos
hes such a happy boy :)


Goofball said...

his pictures are making me smile too. What a precious happy boy