Monday, January 19, 2009

Monthly Newsletter Month- Forty One

Dear Lucas,

Today you turn forty one months old. Last month was the first time in forty times I did not write you a newsletter. I was surprised that I did that and that no one questioned me about it. I'm sure you'll forgive me, but that means I have lots to write this month.

We have had some adventures with your relationship with Nathan. For a while when he first learned how to crawl you were not very happy with him. If there was anything interesting you were playing with Nathan wanted it. He would crawl over to you and you would grab your toy and hug it. No Nathan, you would yell at him. And push him away. One evening you pushed him hard enough and knocked him on his back. That caused you to have a time out. You were so upset, because Nathan got to play with the toy you had, and you had to sit for the time you. While you were on the time out step you cried and said " Nathan is not my brother". You cried and cried "Nathan is not my brother". So we spent most of the evening explaining to you that Nathan will always be your brother, but he may do things you don't like. Still you don't get to push people even if you don't like them. From that evening on, you'll say. I do love Nathan, or Nathan is my brother, but I don't want him to have ____ toy.

In the last week or so, there seems to be some bonding between the two of you. You can make each other laugh and try to do it on a daily basis. Whether you yell "peek-a-boo" to him and make him laugh or he tries to zerber your belly and makes you laugh. You are starting to find some entertainment in each other. Plus you are learning to trade toys with Nathan or take the toys you really don't want him to play with and put them up in your room. So the phase of "Nathan is not my brother" seems to have been short lived.

You are learning things from lots of other people. The other day while we were "fighting the bad guys". You said you were Anakin Skywalker. I'm figuring you learned that from friends of yours becuase I barely know who Anakin Skywalker is, other then it has something to do with Star Wars. You also enjoy "fighting the bad guys". I signed you up from gymnastics again this winter and you are loving it. It is teaching you moves for fighting the bad guys. Swinging on the bars at gymnastics is similar to swinging on your bed frame at home. Jumping on the trampoline is like jumping on the bed.

Florida was a highlight of the last month and the last year. It was so nice to get away and enjoy some quaility family time. One of my highlights was spending time with you in the pool. There we pretended we were crocodiles and you practices jumping and floating in the pool. Disney was also fun, although by the end you were scared of so much stuff. Here is a picture of you covering your ears at the Beauty and the Beast show and more importantly enjoying Mickey bars with us.

You are very much like your father in that it takes you a while to warm up to a new activity or a new person. But you seem to do best when you learn these new things with you dad. You became a great little swimmer while we were in Florida. You also tried bowling this month. And another favorite activity in Florida was riding in the go carts at the Magic Kingdom. Once we convince you to try something you generally love it. But it takes you some convincing to get there.

One of our favorite things to do is pretend. Some days we are neighbors and have sleepovers at each others "houses". Some days we are penguins and the bed is our boat. Some days we are snakes, or frogs or tigers. But I am always the mother and you are always the big boy and Nathan is always the baby. Today we were playing pretend grocery store. I wanted to buy some ice cream. When I asked you (the cashier) how much it was, you said "18 dollars". Whew that was some expensive ice cream.

Later we were playing Spider man, I was spider mommy and you were spider Lucas. It was night time and we were sleeping. You looked over to me and said I love you spider mommy and I replied, I love you too spider Lucas

love mommy


Lori said...

Jenn, After the short little stint trying to contribute to the Eat At Home blog, I got a taste of how much time and effort goes into maintaining a blog. I'm sure Lucas is aware of this, too and would never question nor be upset over the absence of one newsletter. Plus, there were so many pictures and so much to talk about in this newsletter that no one would have known if you hadn't mentioned it!
I can't get over how much older Lucas looks in the pictures this month. He's lost his toddler face and now looks like a true "pre-schooler".

Wow, time flies!

Goofball said...

wow he's really becoming a big boy, no longer a toddler. Such great pictures as always, it looks like good fun to hang around with Lucas :)