Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obama's Inauguration....

This morning we stayed in and watched Obama Inauguration. There is a lot of talk of what a historic moment it is, so I thought we should tune in. Will it be one f those things where we say " I remember where I was when " I even made Lucas watch it. (Although we played a lot of games while watching it.) But when he took the oath I got tears in my eyes. When he talked about how 60 years ago his father couldnt have dinner in certain restaurants. I think a big part of it was all the people there. I'm so moved by how people are so enthusiastic about him and optimistic about things with him as the president. I thought his speech was great and that he is going to be an excellent leader. But I do worry that the expectations are high for him and that in governement things are hard to change.

I wonder how much it will effect us here in Canada. But I also hope that Canadians would have a leader that we could be this excited about. Are we too nice and to even keeled to get this excited about politics? I do hope the feeling of optimisim and being responsible for the change we want to happen radiates through the whole world....

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Lori said...

I work for Citigroup, the largest financial institution in the world and one of the "US banks" that received a huge bailout from the American government to restore consumer confidence. Has our stock price improved?...absolutely not. Our stock price was $55 in June 2007 and today it was at $3.15 when my shift ended.
No amount of money can restore hope and faith in the North American public. Barack Obama however, doesn't just bring hope back to North America....he is hope.
This day marks the first day in the world when everyone starts to have equal rights. Equal rights to health care, a decent paying secure job, a house that's affordable or an education for the children. His inauguration today proves that out of all of the death, decline and deterioration of the Bush administration, the world can emerge today with hope for improvements.
There are 880 employees at our Citi office here in London...400-500 on shift throughout the day. Today, from 11am-1pm, every available employee sat side by side with their co-workers glued to the televisions on which the most momentous event took place.
The problems facing North America are huge and as a realist, I'm the first to say that one man won't fix even a fraction of them...but today there is hope for a better tomorrow.
Although I'm Canadian, it was an honour today to take the time to share this victory with my American counterparts.

Goofball said...

yeah I heard about the political turmoil in Canada as well. I wish in Belgiums we soon get some new leaders that we can look up to , as I kinda lost all respect for them!

Scribbit said...

I thought it was exciting, I was at Clinton's 1st inauguration and remember how exciting it was then even though I didn't vote for him.