Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bathing Suit Shopping

So I'm sure the title makes every woman out there cringe. I needed a new bathing suit for the cruise. My bathing suits from the yearish don't fit. I am weaned Nathan so my chest has gone from a D to an A, with lots of work in between. Although the nursing caused the small, sagging chest it also caused weight loss. Anyway... on with the story.... bathing suit shopping...

Swimsuit shopping was quite good. I went to a bunch of places (old navy, gap, zellers, sears) but couldn't really find anything that tickled my fancy. So I decided to bite the bullet and go to swimco. I've been in there once but found the bathing suits so expensive! But it was my last option. So I went in and told the lady what I wanted (bikini) and what I was self conscious about. Small on top, large on bottom. She found a bunch of suits for me (most of which were on sale) and they fit well and did a good job of making me look great. So I got a cute top and a little skirt bottom. It was great.

I remember being so self conscious about my body when we went to Jamaica (and that was before I had even had kids-who knows what I was thinking) and then seeing all kinds of people topless or old wrinkly skinned walking around and it made me feel better about myself. No one really cares what you like in a bathing suit. I think the fact is that the person who thinks you look the worst is usually yourself.

Wear bikini's be proud, take strippercise, love your body.

Till Tomorrow



Goofball said...

what colors did you choose?

Allie said...

Good for you!!

I never ever wore a bikini until after having kids. It was the only option for me seeing as I too went to a barely there A cup after nursing my children and meanwhile am a little bigger on the bottom (family genetics for that one). Sadly though, while I am proud of my body and am lucky because I am smaller now after having kids, I more concerned about blinding everyone with the whiteness of my body. :)