Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Two Steps Forward, Two Steps Back

Darryl has had a change in jobs recently and is now working from home. He spent most of last week and weekend putting an office downstairs in the basement. Generally this is great, all in all we get to spend more time as a family. Lucas is taking a little bit of time to get use to this. He has had a couple of major crying fits when he wants to play with Dad cause he's home, but can't understand why he can't becuase Daddy has to work. This is on top of Lucas having to get use to sharing his mom. Which has been a really hard transistion for both he and I. Somedays are better then others, but the good days are starting to out number the days when he tells me, sometimes I'm a good mother and sometimes I'm not. Or that he doesn't love his mommy.

Things with Nathan continue to go really well. I amazed at how much easier things are with the second. Its like once you've been through it once have a good idea of how long things last for and you've seen the light at the end of the tunnel. Even with the troubles I'm having with Lucas, I think things would be easier if I knew when our relationship would get better again. Nathan continues to smile lots. He is also starting to grab onto things, like Lucas's fingers or my hair, or Darryl's chest hair. My Oma and Opa were here on the weekend to meet their second great grandson and they were impressed with his head control.

Although I would like to spend this weekend working on getting our yard turned from a mud pit into a play area, our neighboors are not ready yet, so instead we are having to rebuild the deck at our old house. We got a call from our lawyer that the City has a problem with it, and as part of the sale of the house, the city has to give compliance to the real property report...... so to get that compliance we need to move the deck. Crazy! Oh well at least we'll be outside in someones backyard this weekend.

Till Tomorrow



Jenna said...

Sorry to hear about the deck. That stinks.

Good to hear that Darryl will be home...nice perk!

Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

wow how nice to have Darryl home all the time

Amber said...

Ugh about the deck but hurray for your hubby working from home! Mine worked as a consultant for a few months and I LOVED having him around (though he claimed he didn't get any work done with me bugging him. :-)