Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Google Reader

Each day I have about 20 blogs that I read. Most of these people post on a daily basis. I have come to love reading all these blogs and feel some attachment to these people as well. Happy for them when things are going right, sad when things are going wrong. To read all these blogs I had used Firefox to open them all in tabs. This worked well for me, but I was curious about Google Reader which Darryl uses all the time.

Darryl and I are quite a fan of most things Google. We both use gmail and love it. We've been able to convince a lot of our family and friends to start using gmail. Gmail also has a chat function that I use to talk to people. I now talk to Darryl's sister through g-mail all the time, where I rarely talked to her before. I talk to my mom and Tammy quite a lot as well. I'm also a fan of the Google documents, especially for work "stuff". Then I can have access to my work documents wherever there is internet. I also use google calendar (especially to keep up with my mom's work schedule), google maps ( i think it works the best of all the "map" programs). Darryl has been using Google reader for quite a while, so I have decided to try it for reading my blogs. So far so good. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Google reader, when you are on a site that you want to be updated on when there are any changes click the little orange button in the address bar. Then google reader will check when that site is updated and let you know when you go to the Google reader page. It's quite cool, now I only have to check one page to see who's posted new blog entries.

Just wondering if there is any tool you use to keep up with blogs? Bloglines? Or do you do it old school where you open the webpage to check if there is anything new?

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Lori said...

I'm still "kicking it old school" looking websites up individually everyday. (I had to use that phrase just to horrify my 13 year old daughter)

I've dabbled with Google Reader in the past but got overwhelmed when I signed up for too many feeds. Maybe it's time I try it again with just the sites I really like.

This one is at the top on my list!


Jenna said...

I use Google Reader as well. Been using it for a few months now and I love it. Just one place to go to and see who has an update!

Kristine said...

Hi Jenn,

I'm probably one of those blogs that is not in your Google Reader list...sorry for the delay on the updates.

Anyway, just wanted to share another google tool that is pretty interesting.


I was reading this article from David Suzuki on 'Respect for Nature Has to Start at Home' and he mentioned Google Sky.

Pretty cool!


I'm sure you've probably used it already!

Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

i use google reader its good

Mark said...

Hi Jenn,

I also use gmail because of Darryl, he also suggest del.icio.us to me which is my favorite online bookmarks tool, I can not live without it today.

I like Google's applications, with google code I can share some of my source code online, with google map, I can find driving directions, which is another great help.

For bloggers, I like Lijit (www.lijit.com) which is a blogger searching engine, I feel it is a must have for blogger users.


Goofball said...

I use bloglines for quite a while now. since I am using it, I notice that I subscribe to ever more blogs. Hmmm.

I have been wondering whether google reader would be better or not. I have no idea. somehow I am so used to bloglines now that I am too lazy to test or switch.

I do notice that google reader seems to fetch the feeds faster than bloglines. When I see a "new" post, there's often already a bunch of comments on the post and then I see that it's been posted a bit before.
On the other side, I get sometimes comments on my blog right away from people using google reader.

the advantage that everybody starts using feedreaders: I don't bother looking for a better lay-out on my blog anymore.

sari said...

I like to just use my sidebar and my bookmarks.

But I do have gmail and love it!

beth - total mom haircut said...

I'm a Bloglines girl. Not for any particular reason. It's just how it worked out.

Oh, I'm linking to you, by the way - I just realized you aren't on there yet...I'm not sure how we found each other's blogs, but I'm glad:)

Allie said...

Yikes! I am really in the dark here, hence why I am mostly just a once a week visitor to blog sites. I never knew tools like that existed!! Thanks for the tip, I think that I am going to head on over to sign up ... or what ever you have to do to get set up.