Friday, May 09, 2008

Summary of the Week

Well this week is the start of the new normal, some parts have left me feeling confident and others not so much.

After Monday, Nathan has done quite well sleeping at night. He seems to be a little more consistent on eating every 3 hours rther then every two. That means my breastfeeding has started to b a little more normal and one night I slept without a bra and wasn't soaking when Nathan woke up.

Lucas is in a bit more of a adjustment. I think he was really missing his friends. On Monday we went to the park and he asked where all the kids were. He was quite happy to go to his dayhome and play with all his friends. I thnk I'm going to have to be more conscious of our weeks to be sure he sees kids a little more. Today we went to the Science Center and there were lots of kids there. Next week Auntie Lexie is here so that should provide some adventures.

On Monday I left a glass of water with a splash of grapefruit juice on the table by my computer. Lucas then decide to rearrange the pillows on the couch and spilt the water all over my computer. It has been sitting on the counter for a couple of days drying out. I'm really really really hoping that it will come back to life sometime this weekend. Keep your fingers crossed for me, I love my Macbook. Here's Darryl being the surgon and his intern.

Lucas is still demonstrating some "baby" behaviours. He wants to be carried most everywhere. But I have been concious of putting Nathan down for his nap upstairs in his bed and spending some one on one time with Lucas. This also lets Nathan get a better sleep in some quiet. Lucas has also been crying/whining more

On the postive side, I made it through with everyone still pretty happy and healthy. This has been a adjustment for me. Anyone who has gone from working to being a stay at home mom for a year knows the transition. But I am transitioning and after reading Allie's post on having to return to work I am happy to be at home with my boys. I'll live and learn and next week will be better.

Till Tomorrow



Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

i remember waking up all wet

oh no pays to never leave liquid near ones computer

Lori said...


I'm so glad to hear that your Macbook survived it's near-death experience! A big thanks to Dr. Darryl, eh?

I know how much Lucas ADORES Auntie Lexie so I'm sure you're all going to have a fantastic week!

We'll look forward to more pictures of your adventures.



Allie said...

What??? Sleeping with no bra and not wet? Wow! You are one lucky Mamma!! I could never go without a bra or at least binding my boobs as I was always wet - even when breastfeeding at seven months.

It sounds to me that you are adjusting very well. And it is hard isn't it? It is hard to feel like you are giving each child your best. It gets easier Jenn, or perhaps it just feels easier because you get a routine established. I think that you are a fabulous Mommy when reading all about you and your family.

sari said...

I think a lot of kids exhibit more "babyish" behavior after a baby comes home, it's just normal. The baby gets so much attention!

PS I still mostly just wear a bra 24/7. I got a really comfortable cotton sports nursing bra, it's not a pain at all.