Friday, May 23, 2008

Kicking My Own Ass

Dear Jenn,

Well after posts and posts of how hard life is, I think it time to give myself a swift kick in the ass. Come Jenn, you life an amazing life, shape up.

You get to spend everyday with both of your kids. If you lived in the states, you'd be going back to work, you don't have to go back to work for 11 months. Enjoy this time, you live in a great country that values family, enjoy the advantage.

You have a husband who is an AMAZING dad. He comes home at 5pm every day and is an active part of the house and parenting.

You have a healthy baby. A smart toddler.

You have a mother and father who are the best support you can imagine. When you thank them for it, they thank you back.

Stop your complaining, things could be a thousand times worse.

Your welcome,



Goofball said...

"your welcome". I love that :p

Jenn said...

This is a very good reminder for me too!

Allie said...

While I giggled reading this, try not to be hard on yourself. Don't forget that this is a major life adjustment and a learning process too.