Monday, May 19, 2008

Redemption to Mother Nature

I've been horrible to the enviorment for the last month. Having a newborn is not good for the enviroment. All those diapers, all the leaking I do. We seem to have created much more garbage. I use to pride myself on only having one bag of garbage every week, but for the last month we've had two.

But I'm back on the green wagon now. I've been using facecloths rather then bum wipes. And yesterday at the grocery store I bought a small concentrated bottle of laundry soap, rather then a huge one. Even something small like that is helping. Less packaging, smaller bottle, but same price and same number of loads as the big bottle.

Now we'll have to see about cloth diapers....

Till Tomorrow



Goofball said...

sigh....I really should think more about environmental friendly choices as well.

sometimes I do...sometimes I totally forget, or I go for the cheapest option.

Lesley said...

Whatever happened to the enviro-packs of liquid detergents? Does anyone else remember those? You could use them to refill your original bottles. It seemed like a good idea to me but that was probably about 10 years ago.
Or milk in the 1 litre bags versus 4 L jugs. Is that more ecological? In my mind it is but maybe not.
Both my boys used cloth diapers and I thought they were great. I had a pail with a tight seal and would just throw the dirties in there and wash them every other day. I did use cloth liners that are biodegradable after the boys started on food and the poop really started getting interesting. They're definitely not as easy as disposables BUT it's cheaper, greener and supposedly easier to potty train with.
Good luck!