Sunday, July 04, 2010

A Runner

A runner I am not. At least that is what I have always told myself. I don't really like to run. I find it hard. I find there are too many expectations, none of which I can meet. And runners always seem so good at running. But lately I'm not sure. The more I run the better I have been getting (no kidding eh?). I have been training for the triathalon, which is coming up much sooner then I am comfortable with. I did a lot more running this year compared with last year. So hopefully I will be much better at the running this year.

Look at these shoes, they are well worn. They look like runners shoes. =)

Till Tomorrow



jennakuhl said...

They definitely look like running shoes! I have been debating running another 1/2 marathon this year. I feel so unlike a runner most of the time, but I have definitely improved. I try to think of being in competition with myself, and any sort of improvement is a great accomplishment! :)

Goofball said...

jan's pushing me to join him into running. I sort of promised so when I just had surgery to do it "when I was cured". somehow I'm happy to be almost but not entirely cured still, yet I feel guilty for not doing it either. not sure if I would enjoy it.