Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Raspberry Beret

Well after some surgery things seem to be going much better for the computer. The optical drive in the computer went caput. Usually I am so impressed with the service I get at the apple store, but this time was a big gong show. I'm still greatful I still get to have my computer back without sending it to a manufacturer, but it was still much longer and worse then I expect from apple.

So here are a bunch of updates on things we have been up to since we got home from Kelowna.

Lucas has his 4 1/2 year old immunizations. I was expecting the worst. Something like the last time we got the H!N! needle and he would barely come to me to get the needle and kicked and cried the whole time. But this time he was really good. He talked to the nurse and sat with me quietly. When it came time for the needle he was nervous, but only cried when he got the second one which the nurse said stung a fair bit. It was one of those moments as a parent where you are expecting the worst and end up being very impressed and proud of your kids.

Nathan is also doing well. He is at the age where he can charm most anyone he meets. Plus with that blond blond hair and the tanned skin and blue eyes he is awfully cute. His talking is also coming along in leaps and bounds. He can put 5 and 6 words together now. His pronunciation is still a bit of a struggle, but at least he tries every word now. We understand mostly because of the context he is speaking in.

A couple of nights ago we had a crazy CRAZY storm. The rain was going sideways and the hail was falling hard. It really damaged the garden. I'm feeling very disheartened about it all. There are huge holes in my leaves, dirt all over the road and a lot of my vegetables won't grow to their full size (although I did get one zucchini which I will post From Dirt to Dinner on Friday)

Emma is not doing very well. She was quite upset when the kids and I left to go to Kelowna. She ate Darryl's shoes, her leash, Lucas's goggles, peed on the floor. She is quite upset. On Monday I wen to work at the hospital and left the screen door open to our deck (we have a walkout basement). She clawed through the screen door and jumped off the balcony!! It a 20 foot drop. Luckily she didn't break anything and ran over to my mothers house. So we are going to have to start with some basic 'separation" training with her again. Luckily it is summer and we have some time to put into that.

Darryl and I are trying to save money. I guess it is technically pay off debts not saving money. But not spending as much money as we have been doing. So for the last two weeks on grocery day I have gone to the bank to take out cash money. I use that for groceries and any other expendable things. I'll let you know how it turns out.

Lucas and Nathan's favorite song lately has been raspberry beret by Prince. Although Nathan pronounces it like "ras-be, be-et" But every time we are in the car he requests it. I'm glad though as I was getting sick of Glee version of Bad Romance.

It's summer time so I'm reading books again. I'll have to post a review of Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert next week. I'm almost done.

Tomorrow is my best friends birthday (no not you Darryl). I'll have to post some lovely pictures of her and I.

Till Tomorrow



Lori said...

Oh, my goodness! That is an awful lot going on in your lives since you got back from Kelowna!

I'm so proud of Lucas! He's sure growing up fast, eh?

I'm so relieved that Emma didn't hurt herself in her 20 foot jump. I know it's challenging to deal with her sometimes but I'm so grateful she has you and Darryl (and your parents, Tammy & Pat, etc) to help her cope. She's a fantastic dog except when she's separated from her "herd". If anyone else had her but you, she would have been euthanized by now and that would be such a tremendous tragedy. She's so lucky to have all of you.

You're right about Nathan. He just makes you want to squeeze him. What a good-natured boy he is!

Take care!

Goofball said...

wow, I read about Emma's jump on FB. I didn't realise that she was going through seperation fear. Poor dog!