Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Nathan's Monthly Newsletter: Month 26

Dear Nathan,

As I'm posting pictures everyday I thought I would write monthly newsletters to both you and Lucas this month. Things continue to go well with you. Are are a fun and happy guy. You sleep well, even though it is still on your futon.

Your speech is getting better and better everyday. One of the things that I am happiest about is that you try most anything now. For example tonight in bed I asked you to say Lesley, which is a hard word because it has two L's. And even though it didn't sound like Lesley, I could tell you were trying. You are also not good at hard G's. You now love to talk about "da-ma". It's nice that you love her so much. Some of your favorite phrases are "very very hot". Or "dark baby".

We have been playing outside lots with the nice weather. You love it outside. You love to be free and run around.

You enjoy mornings. You are generally happy all the time. Sometimes you get upset if you don't get your way or if Lucas is playing with something you want. But you are usually a pretty happy kid. Speaking of Lucas you love to emulate him so much. A lot of your speech has come from him. That and the gun noises. =)

You still love Mom, but everyone else is moving up on the list. Alexis said the other day she had a breakthrough. You went to her for a hug when you hurt yourself. But lately when I ask you who you are going to dream about at night you say Mommy.

I love you too Nathan.

love mommy

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Goofball said...

that picture with you and him is so great!