Sunday, March 22, 2009

Self Confidence

One of the things I am looking forward to with going back to work is gaining some of my self confidence again. Being a full time mother has some really wonderful parts but I find it takes a hit to my self confidence. There are so many mothers around and everyone is doing something different and .... better. No eating things off the floor, no making a mess and keeping a house spick and span. And although there are great times with the kids, there can be really difficult times. Being a mother is the hardest job. It's hard to know what the correct thing is to do as they grow, or don't sleep at night.

Where at work, I am really good at what I do. If things are going wrong with 1 student there are 30 more who are doing well. Besides very few people do what I do so even if I'm doing it wrong, there are not thousands of others who are doing it different and making me question what I am doing.

Hopefully in a couple of weeks I will be feeling like I am really good at something again.

Till Tomorrow



Goofball said...

I really hope you have a great start back at work! I hope you feel great. I hope you don't miss Lucas and Nathan too much.

Good luck! Take care

Anonymous said...

Jon was so excited that Nathan was going to be at Lesley's this morning, in fact, I think that was his motivation for getting up this morning, and when I left, Nathan, Lucas, Jon and Alex were all in the playroom playing together and they seemed so happy together, it really put a smile on my face...