Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Darryl and I have run into some great things lately and I thought I would share them with you.

First our friends recommend a movie to us. We don't usually watch movies as I find we have so many shows on our PVR, but these friends watch lots of movies and highly recommeneded Vicky Cristina Barcelona. I had heard about it because Penelope Cruz won an oscar for it. But didn't really know anything about it. Basically it's a movie about two women Vicky and Cristina who go to Barcelona for a summer. Moreso I think it's a movie about love and what you want in life. Darryl and I talked about it for quite a while after. And it made us want to travel to Spain. So if you are a movie lover or even if you like a movie that makes you think, give this one a try.
The same friends made me nachos that night and used Multigrain Tostitos. We had bought them once before and I love them. They are much more flavorful then regular Tositios. I looked into it and they are not that much more healthier, but they taste so much better.
And last but not least, Darryl and I are fans of Thai food. We love the Thai Sa-on. I don't really like their spicy food, but enjoy the variety of flavors. Green curry, coconut rice. As going out is not always easy we have tried to find a good green curry and this week we did. This week we tried Green Curry Sauce from Presidents Choice. and it was excellent. I'm hoping to have it again in a day or two. The other "cool" thing we did was the way to make our coconut rice. We like to cheat and make minute rice. So rather then adding water to it we added coconut milk and a bit of lime juice. It was delicious!

I hope you enjoy some of these things as much as we do.

Till Tomorrow


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Lori said...

Hmmm, sounds interesting. I don't know much about Thai food or curry but I'm willing to learn. I'll have to check out that sauce at the grocery store this week and then I'll sweet talk you into teaching me what to do with it.