Friday, March 13, 2009

I Love This Place

Today we were lucky enough to have nice weather (although you'll see by the pictures, not that nice) and it was Fun Day Friday so we were off to the zoo. We haven't been there since the baby elephant had died and I forgot how much I love that place.

We Here are some picture highlights.

How often can you get your son, a hippo and a giraffe all in the same picture.

The baby giraffe

Close up, with zoom lens

A beautiful elephant. Thanks Darryl for the zoom lens

Lucas, Nathan and a tiger.

A pig - oops we didn't see that at the zoo. =)

Parrots showing some love.... or hate, not sure which

A cool shot of the hippo.

Till Tomorrow



Lori said...

For the few times I've been to the Metro Zoo in Toronto, I've thoroughly enjoyed it. I love the animals and could often spend hours watching some of them if I had a little chair or stool to sit on. You're so blessed to have a great zoo in your city that's so affordable. I can hardly wait to go to the zoo when we get there in the summer!

Goofball said...

one zoo in Belgium got 2 rare baby giraffes in 2 days time. My niece is going to see them today.

the main zoo in Antwerp is expecting a baby elephant any day now.

pretty exciting. I like the Calgary zoo too!