Monday, March 09, 2009

Nathan's Monthly Newsletter: Month Eleven

Dear Nathan,

Welcome to the last month before you are a year old. Welcome to the last couple of weeks of mommy being home with you full time. Really these are such great months. You are interactive you can move. But you still sleep and you have a good schedule. You still sleep through the night (most of the time) and we can go out and do fun things everyday. You like to be mobile, so when I am picking where to go, I try to incorporate you moving. For example I don't really plan long visits to the mall, where you have to sit in the stroller.

For months your favorite face has been the "O" face. Everytime you see something new or cool you make the O face. I'm sure you learned it from us, as I notice myself doing a similar thing.

You are learning how to drink from a sippy cup. Sometimes it's upside down and you are drinking air, but you are starting to get the hang of it. You are also getting better at holiding the bottle up yourself. Eating is also going well. You are getting better at getting things in your mouth but you still love to play with your food and make a huge mess.

Your nap schedule has been great that month (although not today). You are good about going down for 2 naps a day. Nightimes are still a little bit sketchy. But it's getting much better.

Along with the dancing that has continued from last month, you have done lots of talking and screaming. you love music, especially rock. You like to ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, to get our attention. Sometimes you are loud and sometimes you are not.

You smile and laugh ALOT. It's easy to make you happy. Which means you have been a little jipped this year of life when you have nothing to say. I think you've had two new toys this whole year, where Lucas got about a hundred his first year. The good thing is all his old toys are like new toys to you.

While downstairs "helping" Daddy this weekend you found Lucas's old red car. So we brought it up for you and here you are enjoying it.

I love you baby. Your smile makes my day. At these times you convince me I should have one more baby. I love the smiles and the laughs and the interaction. I love kissing your big cheeks and big raspberries on your belly to make you laugh.

love mommy.

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Allie said...

Wow - you are almost a year already Nathan? I can't believe how quickly you are growing!!

And kudos to you Mom - what beautiful letters you have written your boys to cherish for the rest of their lives. I think that it is so important for children to know how much they are loved and to hear of stories of themselves growing up.