Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mountain Air Makes Us Say The Craziest Things

Today we headed up to the mountains. Although we live close to them we don't go there often enough, becuase those gianormous beautiful things help to put things in perspective. What specs we are in this big big world. We went up to see Oma and Opa who had a week of vacation there. We swam in the pool at their resort and walked around Banff. The kids were quite good. All in all it was fun way to sped the day.

Once we got home we were playing monster trucks and there was a conversation like this:

Jenn: Lucas did you tell Daddy what animal we saw in the mountains
Lucas: Deer
Darryl: Cool
Jenn: How many were there?
Lucas: 2, a mommy and a baby
Darryl: Was the baby's name Bambi
Lucas: Uh.... yeah. And the Mommy's name was Off Roader Guy.

Till Tommorrow



beth - total mom haircut said...

I can almost smell the fall mountain air in those pictures. And um, yeah - can't tell those two guys are related!:)

Goofball said...

hehehehehaaaaaaa off roader guy. Too precious. It's so good that you are recording those kind of conversations so you won't forget them :)