Friday, October 17, 2008

Monthly Newsletter - Month Thirty Eight

Dear Lucas,

Today you turn 38 months old and the last month ranks up there with one of the best months of our lives. You have had an unbelievable age and I love spending time with you. Sometimes I like to get you early from Lesley's just so that I spend more time with you. I was debating about putting you in preschool, but part of me doesn't want to be tied to it and have more time away from you, which may sound selfish, and I'll definitely put you in next year.

A couple of things that have solidified this month. One of those was the potty training. We haven't had an accident in weeks, even at night things have been going really well. I am so proud of you, it came easier then expected.

One of your other major accomplishments this month has been you dressing yourself. That also came very quickly and now you do it all the time. You pick your clothes, put them on yourself. If you get two legs in one hole, you call yourself a wormaid, which makes all of us (including you) laugh. I've been letting you pick out your own clothes, which sometimes backfires, as you chose bathing suits when it's 5 degrees outside. But you love to get dressed. Even today I came downstairs and you were sitting on the couch with just your shirt on, I asked what was going on. You siad you'd found a pair of underwear in your backpack and wanted to put them on. You'll often wear two shirts, or try to put pants over shorts. Really I roll with it. Just when you wear bathing suits and it's 5 degress outside, I'm sure to bring pants with us.

You love calling people on the phone. Again I'm all for this as I think it helps you to learn phone manners and numbers. I tell you the numbers and you find them on the key pad and dial. This is making people very happy as most family loves to hear your voice. Even if it's on the answering machine. You even like to answer the phone if your Dad and I can't get to it. The other day Darryl's boss called our home line and you answered, Kyle laughed and called you Darryls new adminstrative assistant.

We continued to play outside quite a bit this month. Darryl "sooped" up your plasma car with his rollerblades wheels. Now you go so so fast and we can't here you coming.

Here is a picture of you with your long hair. Daddy did a great job of cutting your hair this month. I would give you a little trim, but Daddy cut 2 inchs off. It looks great, but I do kind of miss your Beatle hair. Look at it blowing in the wind....

You and Nathan are getting along great. You are one of the people who can make him laugh. If he is fussing in teh backseat, you making funny noises at him will make him laugh. Or if he does something and you laugh, he'll do it again so you can both laugh at it. When you laugh, he laughs and it makes me so happy to have two kids.

Another reason that I think this has been a great month is our "talking". Most evenings you'll ask if I will come and lay with you once you've gone to bed. I come and lay with you and we snuggle under the blankets. We talk about what you favorite thing and least favorite thing was about the day. You often don't have any least favorite things, but sometimes you do and it's good that we talk about it. Whether it was the mommy got mad at you or one of your friends didn't want to share. We talk about life in those 10 mintues before you go to sleep. We also talk about all the wonderful things in your life, that ranges from playing with Auntie Karen, a new toy or Daddy making you laugh about something. It's great I hope you are always able to talk to me about your favorite and least favorite things.

love mommy.


Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

great photos
its an adorable age isnt it :)


Lori said...

Oh my gosh...your little boy has morphed into a little man! His haircut looks fantastic (great job, Darryl) and we are loving all of his new skills. Keep those phone calls coming!!!

We love you, Lucas!
Aunt Lori, Uncle Ian and Mackenzie
(plus Hunter & Daisy, too!)

Goofball said...

he looks like such a wise little boy!

Goofball said...

he looks like such a wise little boy!