Thursday, October 23, 2008

I Love Paris

I've been to Paris twice. The first time I didn't like it, the second time I fell in love with the city. Two blogs I check daily are making me long for another trip there. The first one is Paris Daily Photo. This post really made me laugh. Smoking is very common in Paris. When I was there is second time I was quite pregnant with Lucas and I just had to accept the fact that I was going to inhaling some second hand smoke if I wanted to go out. I'm glad they have passed this law in Paris, but it makes me laugh that so many people are now outside.

The second blog that is making me long for a Paris trip is Smitten Kitchen. It is a beautiful food blog. I find it very inspiring. I want to learn to take beautiful pictures of food and post them on my wall. Her and her husband recently did a apartement switch for a week and her food tales sound so heavenly. The best food I ever had was in Paris. Started with escargot in this great garlic sauce. Then amazing rack of lamb and cheesy scallop potatoes. Even when Darryl and I were eating it we knew it was something special. In this listing I love how they talk about eating steak rare. That is so true. She talks about sandwiches and pastries. Ummmm pain de chocolate.... We also had breakfast every morning, yougourt, croissants, jam, caffe lattes and hot chocolate.

Maybe in a couple of years, another trip will be in order.

Till Tomorrow



Goofball said...

excellent plan

and then hop on the train and we can meet one hour later in Brussels ;)... we have a spare bedroom !!

beth - total mom haircut said...

I remember the one and only time I have had escargot in garlic sauce. It wasn't in Paris, but in a little French restaurant in Chicago, but it was heavenly nonetheless.

I believe the woman who writes Smitten Kitchen was at the Martha show that day I went:)