Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Nathan's Monthly Newsletter: Month Six

Dear Nathan,

Happy 6 month birthday baby! We are half way through the first year and really the harder 6 months. I even notice now that things are much easier with you. Your schedule is starting to regulate. You are sleeping better and starting to eat things other then mommy milk. These next 6 months are the most enjoyable. I love being home and it is starting to feel less like work now and more fun.

One of your biggest milestones in the last month is sitting up. Now I can sit you on the floor with a bunch of toys around you and you can sit and play for a while. It's interesting because some of your other toys that you are more restrained in, like your jolly jumper you fuss and cry, you like to be sitting. You still fall over occasionally but you seem to adapt to being on the floor better.

As we have hit the 6 month mark we have gotten into our stride. Nap times, awake times. You quite enjoy having Lucas around. It's amazing how you know your family. Whether you haven't seen Dad all day and he comes upstairs you put on a big grin for him, and he doesn't even have to give you a smile first. Lucas is also quite entertaining for you. Its funny how some days I think I did more with Lucas as a baby, but I think having him around you learn so much too.

You have become quite aware of the animals now. You love to grab the cat. Luckily Torin is pretty tolerant to it and almost seems to enjoy it. You also love it when Emma gets excited or "talks" to us. The other day Emma had a friend over and they were playing in the yard, you thought it was hilarious. But it's great because I think you are already learning a love of animals.

This month we have started to do some sleep training with you. It really feels like 2 steps forward and two steps back. We are letting you cry to teach yourself how to fall asleep. That being said I still feed you at night but only if its been at least 4 hours. Which I think is confusing you, but not sure you can go too long without food. So after night time and eating to fall asleep you don't like to not eat prior to your morning nap. But I am glad we have instituted a schedule and I'm hoping by next month it will be better. It is amazing how in the first year of life everything is about sleep. If you are sleeping well, things are good. If not I'm having a bad day. One year and it's all about sleep. The best thing is that after you cry and cry you will still give me big smiles once you wake up. Whew, glad the crying is more traumatizing for me rather then you.

Another big thing this month is that we are starting eating. You have taken to it really well. You are a big guy and eating is one of your favorite activities. We have started cereal and some meat. You really love to hold the spoon yourself. That makes quite a mess but I'm amazed that you already know how this eating thing works.

You continue to be a really happy baby. Most people who meet you comment on your smiles and how you give them to everyone. I think that generally means we are doing a good job. Which is something I try to remember, especially on those days that you cry.

love you dearly



Alexis said...

Good pics!

Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

wow 6 months already
doesnt time fly

Lori said...

Wow! Is he ever photogenic?! Outstanding pictures!

Jenna said...

So precious. He is growing up way too fast! I cannot believe it has been six months already.

Goofball said...

those pictures are great. Nathan ressembles you more than Lucas.