Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Healthy Food

On Sunday Lucas asked for a snack. I brought him a bowl of marshmellows, one of his favorite things.

Lucas: Mom, he says handing the bowl back, I'd like something more healthy

Me: Oh really, what were you thinking?

Lucas: Cake

Obviously he has no idea what healthy means.....

Till Tommorrow



Lori said...

There are usually eggs in cake...does that count as healthy???

Too cute!

Anonymous said...

Too funny

Maybe he was thinking about the angel food cake that Grandma sent home with him on Saturday. Thinking that if it came from Grandma's it must be healthy.


Jenna said...

He should have asked for brownies. ;) I am pretty sure there are worse snacks out there.

I like the comment above about eggs in cake. Too funny!

Goofball said...

I truly think cake would be more healthy than marshmellows , wouldn't it?

very funny though.

Anonymous said...

That's great!

And the baby is just adorable. Like I said - we have the same taste in names. Nathan was way up there on our list. Congratulations.

You must be surviving fairly well if you are able to blog:)

sari said...

When my oldest was little he used to call marshmallows "something up theres" because he always could see the bag up in the cupboard and when I was ask him what he wanted he would say "something up there!" and point at them. It was pretty cute.

I hope you're feeling well, the baby is so cute!