Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Brothers Part 2

So it's been a crazy couple of days. Yesterday was my first day with both boys. All went well with them although a crazy lady was yelling at me off her balcony. We were out for a walk and I didn't see Emma poop for the second time in our walk. This lady starts yelling of her balcony and threatening to call the bylaw officer, yelled about what her and her kids have to go through when people don't pick up there dog poop. Yada Yada.... I thanked her for pointing out the poop to me and picked it up as well as another dogs poop. Then I went home and cried. It's horrible when someone yells at you, never the less when I'm feeling post partum blues and yells at you in front of your kids. For making a mistake. I just wish that before people pass judgement that they would think twice.

Other then that things have been quite good. Nathan is entering his "gassy" time of life. I expect this to go on for the next month or so. If anyone has any brilliant solutions on what to do with gassy babies I'd love to hear it.

Today I headed into work, which was fun, but makes me realize how different life and my priorities are. Life can change so quickly. How my days use to be measured by how many people careers I help to launch to now my success is measured by how many poopy bums Nathan has. I don't notice it as much this time as I did with Lucas. But I there are days I feel a tinge of jealously when Darryl gets to walk out the door and have half and hour in the car all by himself. Not that I would change things, but a new mothers life changes so much.

One of the biggest questions everyone asks is how Lucas is doing with Nathan. He is doing amazing. Sometimes I think he is adjusting to having a brother better then I am adjusting to having two kids. Today I was going to have a shower and told Lucas so and said I would take Nathan upstairs and put him in the bassinette. Lucas asked if Nathan could stay downstairs with him. I said sure as long as he didn't pick him up. Lucas is learning to be gentle with him and loves to get in Nathan's face. Here are some pictures and a video in the post below.

Till Tomorrow



Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

Lucas is a gem
and I LOVE the photos of you and your boys

Goofball said...

sorry to hear that women yelled at you. such things really can throw you off guard. Has happened to me too when I got wrongly connected with a unhappy customer that I couldn't help but who didn't stop yelling while I was trying to connect him to the correct department. ARgh

sorry, I don't have experience with gassy babies :). Never thought of babies as being gassy really. Hihi.

Allie said...

Oh I just love that video of the boys. I got teared up and was laughing at it! It brought me back to memories of how Kaelen was when Masyn first entered our lives. What a fabulous big brother he is! Just you wait Jenn - those guys are going to be the best of friends!

sari said...

The pictures are great!

Don't worry about that crazy woman, some people just have their own problems to worry about.

When mine were gassy, it helped to lay them on their backs and gently raise both legs up towards their chest and rock them back and forth a bit. It kind of gets the gas moving around and forces it out (without being hard on their tums).

Poor little guy, the gas is no fun.