Friday, April 18, 2008

Batting .500

Well it's 11 days in and I am quickly adapting to having this new one in the house.

  • Nursing has definitely taken a turn for the better. The football hold has really helped and Nathan is getting so good at latching that things are going much better.
  • He is still eating every two hours and I'm looking forward to that increasing. I'm hoping at his 2 week growth spurt he'll start to go for longer.......
  • He gives gassy smiles all the time, way more then Lucas did
  • He also pees on me way more then Lucas did. The other night I was batting .500 every other bum change I got soaked with pee.
  • I've found it easier to get attached to this baby. Maybe becuase I know more so what to expect, or maybe because labor was easier, but I remember after having Lucas wanting to hide under the covers wonder what was this alien doing in my house.
  • Bum rash is kind of coming and going. I have tried Penaten, Arbonne baby cream, cornstarch, lanolin cream. The thing that helps it the most is just hanging out naked. Which is fine with me (although it means catching more pee). I get to look at the soft hair that covers a newborn and the pudginess of him.
  • His hair is so so soft. It makes me sad we ever cut Lucas's hair. His hair use to be that soft too.

Till Tomorrow



Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

pleased the nursing is better now.
Hes lovely Jenn

Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

BTW I really like the last photo og the 3 of you

Goofball said...

that last picture is so fun.

Allie said...

Oh Jenn, Nathan is so beautiful! I am glad to hear that the breast feeding is getting easier, it is so stressful when it is a struggle isn't it?

I had to laugh at the pee story. They say that it is more common for boys and that boys are actually more adept at getting mom and dads at diaper changes, but if it provides any comfort to you, my daughter was actually more of a challenge .... out of both ends at that. (insert big grin here).

Hope all is well and we are coming to Calgary in a couple of weeks, perhaps we can meet up?