Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Another Arm and Another Lap

Yesterday was the start of our new routine, which means I have Lucas 4 days of the week here with Nathan and I. About half way thorugh the day I was wishing our new baby included and extra arm, leg and lap for mommy. Quickly Nathan I have become pros at the nursing. At about 8am I was feeding the baby and Lucas was crying from his room. I picked the little one up and we walked upstairs to be sure Lucas was okay (which of course he was). Later that day while we were spending the gift money from Grammie at Toys'R'Us I needed to feed Nathan. They had a very nice rocking chair in the bathroom and as Lucas explored around the bathroom he accidentally walked under the sensor for the very loud hand drier. This scared him to no end and there he was again on my lap, while I'm trying to feed the youngest. Afterwards we came home and although he really needed a nap he didn't want to have one. So Nathan and I napped on the couch while I put on a movie for Lucas. Of course 3 minutes into the movie Lucas wanted to nap on the couch with us. He fell asleep quickly and I didn't have the remote, so I had one arm that didn't really have a place and a loud movie.

Luckily after a little bit of sleep we were all in good moods. So there didn't need to be so much cuddling on one mommy's lap.

Till Tomorrow



Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

I can imagine how walking under the hand dryer would scare one awfully
poor Lucas

encourage him to be a big boy and sit by Mummy maybe Daryl could help you by sitting by you and telling Lucas how special it is

For the sleeps maybe a mattress or two on the lounge floor???


Goofball said...

well it's good that you got to get a nap together. HOpe your arm wasn't too stiff afterwards

beth - total mom haircut said...

Oh, I remember these days. For the first few weeks Sam insisted that he get to sit on my knee EVERY TIME Robby nursed. And he always wanted to be on the knee I was already resting Robby on, of course.