Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Thanksgiving/Nathan's 2 1/2 Birthday Party

This weekend we celebrated Thanksgiving. Oma and Opa were here and Auntie Karen and our best friends. Darryl made a delicious turkey (as usual) and I made a couple of delicious pies. It was a great meal with great people, my favorite kind of day.

Nathan was also excited for the party. It's been hard for Nathan because Darryl, Lucas and myself have our birthdays close together and Nathan's is 6 months before and after. He forgets about his birthday and really wants to have his birthday. So when he heard we were having a party and lots of people over he thought it was for his birthday. Well I couldn't insist that it wasn't his birthday when it didn't hurt to put a candle in the pies and sing Happy Birthday to him. So we did and he loved it. Even when we modified the words to "Happy Half Birthday To You".

It was a great end to a fun weekend.

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Goofball said...

every day is some sort of birthday if you think about it....they simply don't all mark years